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The successful authors from Finland visit the Frankfurt Book Fair and present their latest crime novels

21 October 2022
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Walden, Kleiner Hirschgraben 7, 60311 Frankfurt

The crime fiction specialist Günter Keil introduces the couple A.M. Ollikainen and the Spiegelbestseller author Max Seeck in conversation. The discussion about the books will be held in English/German Language. 

On the morning of Midsummer's Day, Inspector Paula Pihlaja and her team are called to a gruesome find west of Helsinki. A container has been left in front of the estate of an entrepreneurial family, in which a murdered dark-skinned woman lies. She drowned in agony after seawater had been poured into it. No one seems to know the woman. The investigators, however, distrust the overly polished answers of the business family.

Zetterborg, a successful businessman, is found dead in his Helsinki home. He had previously announced harsh measures and layoffs, making countless enemies. The motive for the murder seems clear when Jusuf takes over the investigation. However, he finds out that Zetterberg had other enemies as well. On a photo found in his house, two men can be seen next to the murdered man, their faces scratched out by the perpetrator. Who are these two...