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Translation Slam

22 October 2022
Live now
International Translation Centre (Hall 4.0 G101)

An interactive event to participate in


- Karin Betz (Translator)

- Andreas Jandl (Translator)

- Peter Torberg (Translator)

Moderation: Annette Kopetzki


Ingenuity and the mastery of different stylistic registers of German are the driving forces of translation. At the Translation Slam, the audience experiences how three literary translators spontaneously solve translation tasks.

Striking sentences from literature, song lyrics and idioms are to be translated immediately into German and also into other stylistic registers. How does a sentence from a 19th century novel sound in the youth slang of today? How would it sound if it were in a genre novel (horror, science fiction, crime)? When translating, there are no right solutions, only decisions - let yourself be inspired, offer your own suggestions, join in!

An event organized by Weltlesebühne e.V. in cooperation with VdÜ for the "International Translation Center" of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the German Translator Fund with funds from the NEUSTART KULTUR program.