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Travel talk with kayak professional Olaf Obsommer

21 October 2022
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25hours Hotel The Trip, Niddastraße 56-58, 60329 Frankfurt

In his talk, Olaf Obsommer narrates his experiences from three decades of adventures in his kayak to the most remote corners of the world. The extreme athelete takes the audience along on physical and mental challenges, such as surviving the thundering white waters of the Indus river in Pakistan and trying to avoid becoming an icicle himself in the freezing white waters of Iceland. In addition, Olaf recounts what a life on your very own line can look like – the sick life line. The »sick line« is what white water rafters call the line through difficult river passages that promises the greatest challenge and, at the same time, the most fun. »Sick Life Line« traces Olaf's life line – and is also the name of his book.