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Who makes a book?

20 October 2022
Live now
International Translation Centre (Hall 4.0 G101)

Panel discussion on the visibility of translators and editors


  • Zoë Beck (Author, Publisher and Translator)
  • Katharina Gerhardt (Freelance editor)
  • Patricia Klobusiczky (Translator)
  • Jo Lendle (Carl Hanser Verlag, Publisher)

Moderation: Dania Schüürmann

Translators and editors usually play a significant role in the linguistic design and thus also in the success of a book. The interest groups of these professional groups, which are hidden behind the writers, demand more visibility and thus higher appreciation for their work. The author Zoë Beck and the publisher Jo Lendle will discuss the meaning and necessity of translators' names on book covers and in reviews and the naming of editors in the imprint with Patricia Klobusiczky for the Association of Literary Translators and Katharina Gerhardt for the Association of Freelance Editors.

A joint event of VdÜ, VFLL and BücherFrauen.