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The Young Woman and the Sea

20 October 2022
Live now
25hours Hotel The Trip, Niddastraße 56-58, 60329 Frankfurt

Sylvie Gühmann reads from her entertaining and profound coming-of-age story »Die junge Frau und das Meer« (»The Young Woman and the Sea«) und recounts growing up in East Frisia – and what it is like when climate change shows clear traces in your own homeland. Besides climate change, she touches upon topics such as rural-urban migration und puts into words how many young people feel about their home. In addition, there is no shortage of funny anecdotes from East Frisia – because Sylvie's first book, which she also has in her luggage, is a tongue-in-cheek cultural guide with the title »Fettnäpfchenführer Ostfriesland« (»Faux Pas Guide East Frisia«).