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Arturo Vazquez

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Arturo Vázquez Barrón

Ametli / Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico

Arturo Vázquez is a literary translator who graduated from the Instituto Superior de Intérpretes y Traductores and the Programa para la Formación de Traductores of El Colegio de México; he has been training literary translators since September 1982. In 1999, he founded the Centro Profesional de Traducción e Interpretación (CPTI) of the Instituto Francés de América Latina (IFAL). In May 2016, the Government of the French Republic invested him with the rank of Chevalier in the category of Academic Palms for his 38-year career as a trainer of literary translators and his contributions to the promotion of French culture and literature. In October 2016, he founded the Asociación Mexicana de Traductores Literarios (Ametli), of which he is president for the 2017-2022 term.