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Francis Bickmore, Publishing Director - Canongate Books

Francis Bickmore

Publishing Director
Canongate Books

I joined Canongate in 2000. As Publishing Director I oversee the editorial team and help to plan and publish our list of books. I’m fascinated by the way that so many of the books that are remembered are those that defy genre categorisation, by writers who stray off the beaten track. As editor I have worked with writers including Yann Martel, Matt Haig, Lemn Sissay, Scarlett Thomas, Kevin Barry, JJ Abrams, Alasdair Gray, Jess Kidd, James Meek, Nick Cave, Robert Webb, Ambrose Parry, Geoff Dyer, Terry Gilliam, David Byrne, Mary Costello, David Lynch, Joni Mitchell and, posthumously, Leonard Cohen. In 2018 I joined the Canongate Board. in a new window)