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Ivo Samplonius

© Mandy Brander Fotografie

Ivo Samplonius

Studio IVO & PodWorkz

A self-proclaimed "audio nerd" with a wealth of experience in the audio, radio and broadcasting world.
Making sound so perfect that listeners dive into the story without any distractions, is his goal. Because of his interest in people and their stories, he quickly senses what someone needs.
Ivo is also very musical, which means that he approaches all forms of audio in a musical way and knows how to deliver them in a sensitive and pulsating way.
In addition to his passion for audio, Ivo has a passion for sports. Spontaneously running the Los Angeles Marathon is no problem. And when you meet the energetic Ivo, you will quickly understand why. Sport keeps him fit, so he can perform optimally in his work. Because there is little too much and every project gets all its energy.

Past Events

12 September 2023,

Thriving on Change: Current Developments in Audio