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portrait of Laura Cox

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Laura Cox

Senior Director
Publishing Industry Data, Copyright Clearance Center

Laura leads CCC’s Ringgold data operations and business product management. Subsequent to the acquisition of Ringgold by CCC she has a broader remit of providing leadership in product offerings and operational excellence related to data, with a particular focus on scholarly publishing. She remains active in Ringgold’s outward facing activities. She sits on the ISNI Board and on steering committees in the scholarly communications environment. She was a publishing consultant for ten years, working with a variety of international clients including publishers, intermediaries and trade associations. Laura has extensive experience in strategic decision making, consultancy, data analysis, and management. She created the Consortium Directory Online which was acquired by Ringgold, along with her consulting business, in September 2011, and led Ringgold when it was acquired by CCC in 2022.