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Portrait Marc-Uwe Kling

© Sven Hagolani

Marc-Uwe Kling


Marc-Uwe Kling lives and works as a songwriter, cabaret artist and author in Berlin. In 2006 he founded the "Lesedüne" reading stage, which can be experienced live twice a month at SO36 in Berlin. Kling published among others the bestsellers of the Kangaroo Trilogy. In 2015 his first children's book "Prinzessin Popelkopf" (Voland & Quist) was published, followed by "Der Ostermann", "Der Tag, an dem der Oma das Internet kaputt machen" (Carlsen) as well as the novel "QualityLand" and the "Känguru-Apokryphen" (Ullstein).

All events with Marc-Uwe Kling

21.10.2023 | 14:00-15:00 Uhr
Lesung von Marc-Uwe Kling aus «Der Spurenfinder» (Ullstein Verlag)

22.10.2023 | 16:00-17:00 Uhr
Marc-Uwe Kling liest aus seinem neuen Kinderbuch »Das Klugscheißerchen« und aus »Das NEINhorn«