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Can AI replace human translators in audiovisual translation? How does MTPE (machine translation and post-editing) affect the work of translators and its outcome?

AI can be useful in assisting audiovisual translators, but it also bears risks. Especially when vendors are under the delusion that AI can help make everything faster and cheaper. Instead of commissioning translations from scratch they rely on MTPE (machine translation and post-editing) reducing translators to poorly paid proof-readers, thus accelerating the downward price spiral already palpable in the industry.
In this panel we will talk about useful tools that make work easier for audiovisual translators without depriving them of their core competence and creativity. Furthermore we will discuss the limitations of AI and why it's not able to replace human translators.

For this event, people with hearing aids or cochlear implants can borrow portable induction loops that connect to the translation system receivers. Translation will be provided into English and German. The induction slings are available at the particular stage without prior registration.



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

VdÜ (Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer/innen literarischer und wissenschaftlicher Werke)
Free access


Bettina Arlt

translator for subtitles

Dr. Alexander Schwarz

translator; director of voice over

Anne Wanders

translator; dubbing script writer, Übersetzerin; Dialogbuchautorin

Ulrike Nolte

audiovisual translator