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The Slovenian authors Ana Marwan and Drago Jančar, both renowned in German-speaking countries, in conversation with Tomas Friedmann, director of the literary centre Literaturhaus Salzburg.

The 2022 Bachmann Prize winner Ana Marwan writes in German and Slovenian. Since the beginning of 2023, she has also been the main editor of the literary magazine Literatur & Kritik. She is well known to German-speaking audiences, among others through her short prose Die Wechselkröte (Otto Müller Verlag, 2022) or her latest novel Verpuppt (ebd., 2023), which was translated into German by Klaus Detlef Olof. Drago Jančar is one of Slovenia's most translated and renowned novelists, who portrays particularly painful moments of Slovenian history in accessible and excitingly narrated personal stories. His poetic novel Als die Welt entstand was translated into German by Erwin Köstler and has just been published by Zsolnay Verlag. The talk will be interpreted into German and hosted by Tomas Friedmann, director of Literaturhaus Salzburg and a proven expert on Slovenian literature.

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