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Book talk and conversation with the author Paolo Rumiz. Moderator: Tilman Spreckelsen

Europe has lost sight of its origins. To find them again, four companions set off on an old sailboat towards the east. At the port of Tyros, a Syrian girl takes refuge on board. She is a victim of forced marriage, war and rape. Her name is Europa. Her presence recalls ancient myths, according to which Zeus, disguised as a bull, kidnaps the king's daughter. Paolo Rumiz wrote a great modern epic about a continent on the verge of losing its humanity.

Paolo Rumiz (1947) lives in Trieste and on the Slovenian Karst. He is a yachtsman, hiker, and correspondent from crisis regions. Since 1998, he has been writing reports from his journeys to Istanbul, the borders of Europe, and the Arctic, made by bicycle, bus, hitchhiking, and on foot.

Tilman Spreckelsen writes for the literary section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He is also a writer, whose novel Das Nordseegrab (The North Sea Grave) was awarded the Theodor-Sturm Prize 2014.

With simultaneous interpretation.

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