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New crime novels from Slovenia: Mojca Širok and Tadej Golob in conversation with Tilman Spreckelsen.

Mojca Širok was a reporter working for the Slovenian national television in Rome and the Vatican for a long time, now she lives and works in Brussels. She has published three books dealing with the Italian Mafia, Silvio Berlusconi, and Pope Francis. She established herself as an author with her first crime novel Der Vertrag (translated into German by Martina Erhart). The novel is set in Italy and deals with the Italian mafia. The second volume of the trilogy, titled Evidenca, is set in Ljubljana (2021). Tadej Golob is considered the best-known Slovenian crime writer and has written a series of \"alpine crime novels\" that take place, among other places, around Lake Bohinj and in the Slovene Alps. His books were adapted into a Slovenian TV series and reached number 8 on La Repubblica's bestseller list in Italy. Tadej Golob also writes biographies, he received the award for best novel of 2010 and has climbed Mount Everest and many other mountains. In 2020, however, he had a near-fatal accident in Slovenia. Later he described the experience in his latest crime novel. The conversation will be hosted by literary critic, journalist, and author of crime novels Tilman Spreckelsen. The conversation will be simultaneously interpreted into German.

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