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What do we actually do when we translate media texts - and at war, too? An online compendium in three languages with contributions on translating in journalism

\"Am I doing something different when I translate journalistic texts, and if so, what?\" This is what we asked ourselves at the beginning of our Neustart Kultur project on journalistic translation. We are translators who translate media texts from Russian into German for the online platform The project ended with an online publication in which the translators each devoted themselves to topics that are close to their hearts in their work. Three of the contributors present the publication and pose the question of translating in war.

For this event, people with hearing aids or cochlear implants can borrow portable induction loops that connect to the translation system receivers. Translation will be provided into English and German. The induction slings are available at the particular stage without prior registration.

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Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

VdÜ (Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer/innen literarischer und wissenschaftlicher Werke)
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Ruth Altenhofer

literary translator

Friederike Meltendorf

literary translator

Anselm Bühling

literary translator