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Award ceremony.

The Fabjan Hafner Translation Award is awarded alternately for best translation into German and from German into Slovenian. It is the most valued translation prize in Slovenia and bears the name of the poet and translator Fabjan Hafner (1966–2016), who passed away too early. After Johannes Strutz and Erwin Köstler, the third prize for the best translation of the year 2022 into German is being awarded now. In addition to Fabjan Hafner's widow, Zdenka Hafner Čelan, the audience will also be addressed by the president of the Goethe Institute, Carola Lentz, and the director of the Goethe Institute Ljubljana, Alix Landgrebe. The president of the jury, Neva Šlibar (University of Ljubljana) will present the grounds for awarding the prize. The discussion with the winner of the prize will be led by Jürgen Jakob Becker, managing director of the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds and deputy director of the Literary Colloquium Berlin. The event will be held in German and will end with a reception.

Co-organiser: Goethe-Institut Ljubljana, Land Kärnten, Robert-Musil-Institut für Literaturforschung

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Awards ceremony


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