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Sudanese author Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin and his translator Günther Orth in dialogue.

How do you write about war and the horrific suffering that befalls people in civil wars? And how do you find a literary form for something that exceeds the imagination of outsiders? Such texts also place great demands on translators, as a special sensitivity is necessary. After all, it is a matter of showing respect and empathy for the victims of civil wars. In his novel \"The Messiah of Darfur\" (Edition Orient 2021, transl. Günther Orth; sponsored by Litprom with funds from the German Foreign Office) his observations in the Darfur war, which he witnessed as a staff member of UNICEF and PLAN International. Author and translator talk about these aspects with freelance cultural correspondent Cornelia Wegerhoff.

Event with simultaneous translation: German/Arabic.

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