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Three poets will talk about the common points between poetry and singing, voice and silence.

Ana Pepelnik is one of the most important Slovenian poets who, as a radio host, performer and singer, devotes a great deal of her time to the issue of voice. Her poetry is also based on a strong rhythm. The German publishing house Parasitenpresse has just published a translation of a selection of her songs entitled nicht fisch. Maxime Coton is a Belgian poet, writer, film director and screenwriter. He also sings, and in his songs, he deals with memory, the conception of poetry among different generations and environments, as well as with new media and virtual worlds. Both Ana and Maxime try to bring lyric poetry closer to people through different projects and formats. The talk will be hosted by Asmus Trautsch, who is also a poet, as well as a philosopher, composer and conductor. The discussion will be in English.

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