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Stephan Anpalagan and Ronen Steinke in conversation with Hanna Kristina Friedrich

Who is the \"We\" in \"We are the people\" and the \"You\" in \"You are Germany\"? What is German? Who is German? Are we German enough?

Journalist and theologian Stephan Anpalagan shows that the center of society is an exclusive place. While it offers a home to ordinary mortals, it remains inaccessible to people of poverty and immigrant backgrounds. Often for generations. Those who are lucky enough to be counted among the middle are allowed to determine not only themselves, but also the margins: left and right, above and below, but also inside and outside.

On the basis of numerous social disputes - e.g. about the guest workers in the economic miracle, the Black Eagles in soccer, the Leitkultur or the sudden shortage of skilled workers - Stephan Anpalagan exposes the prejudices, trivializations and self-deceptions of the center. A center that is both a battlefield and a place of longing. A center that has become the linchpin of a polarized society and the venue for a world out of balance.

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