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High planning security.

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Eigenbau auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse

Funding from the German government’s NEUSTART KULTUR programme gives you financial planning security

There will be no cancellation fees if we must cancel the book fair, or if you must cancel your plans to attend at short notice due to circumstances relating to the pandemic.

We are confident that Frankfurter Buchmesse will take place this autumn and that together we can achieve a successful relaunch. It’s already clear that many participants from the German-speaking world will attend, and we also anticipate a large turnout of international guests, above all from European countries and an immense media response.

If you have to cancel due to the current pandemic situation, we will not charge any cancellation fees thanks to funding provided by the NEUSTART KULTUR programme. Valid reasons may include regional or company-related travel restrictions, the vaccination status of employees, or economic aspects related to the pandemic in any form.

As proof, we ask you to send us a written justification via e-mail. This does not constitute a change to the Terms and Conditions of Participation, but is an assurance that, due to the pandemic situation, we will not exercise our right to financial compensation in the case of cancellation by us or withdrawal by the client as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions of Participation.

Would you like to find out about our Terms and Conditions of Participation? Learn more here. Don't hesitate to contact the team at Frankfurter Buchmesse directly for additional info and advice.

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  • Direct exchange and personal re-encounter
  • Your presence at the year’s most important industry gathering
  • Your products and services in the spotlight
  • Multi-faceted business opportunities
  • Reduced prices thanks to funding
  • Attractive cancellation conditions


1. Country-specific/regional Covid-19 situation

The Covid-19 situation is currently very dynamic in my country/region. The situation in October is not yet clear, and we don’t know whether we will be allowed to leave or enter Germany at all. Are there any cancellation fees if we have to cancel our stand presence because of this?

No, there are no cancellation fees with respect to the pandemic. We are able to make this possible thanks to funding provided by the German government's NEUSTART KULTUR programme. In such a case, please simply send us an e-mail with a brief explanation of why you cannot participate.

2. Company-related travel restrictions

Currently we have travel restrictions in place at our company. We are confident that they will be lifted by autumn, but we cannot be sure at this stage. Nevertheless, we would like to register, but are reluctant due to the cancellation fees. Should we wait to register until this is clarified?

No, you are welcome to register. There are no cancellation fees, even if you have to cancel at short notice due to internal company travel restrictions relating to the pandemic. This is made possible by funding provided by NEUSTART KULTUR. In such a case, please send us an e-mail explaining your reasons for cancellation.

3. Vaccination situation of staff members in charge of the stand

It is not certain whether staff members in charge of the stand will be vaccinated by October. As a result, we may have to cancel our appearance at the fair at short notice. Do we have to pay the cancellation fee in this case?

No. In this case, you would be cancelling due to a pandemic-related issue, so you would not have to pay any cancellation fees. This is made possible due to funding provided by the NEUSTART KULTUR programme. Please simply send us an e-mail with the reason for your cancellation.

4. Vaccination or test

Is a vaccination or test required to participate in Frankfurter Buchmesse?

Please understand that we are not yet able to say what official regulations will apply in Frankfurt in October, and cannot comment on any related services that we may be offering. Of course, we will inform you in good time as soon as we know ourselves.



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