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Is there one dish that you could cook every day?

I could actually cook or eat anything every day, but if I had to decide it would definitely be a broccoli-cauliflower casserole.


Is there a dish that you brought back with you from a trip and that you’re still excited about?

Yes, I definitely have one. I’ve been to Thailand five times, and I’ve travelled around the country quite extensively. One particular recipe that I’ve adopted is the country’s national dish, Pad Thai. I ate it every day when I was there, and I still eat it regularly at home.


How do you think we will eat in 20 years?

I believe quite a lot will change. But I hope we’ll all start paying more attention to our nutrition and listen to our bodies and what is good for them. And we also have to think of our environment when it comes to how we eat, because we want to enjoy this beautiful planet for as long as possible. That’s why I hope we’ll cut back on how much meat we eat over the next few years and find a natural nutritional balance.


How political are cooking and nutrition for you today?

I think that cooking and eating have become very political. Personally, I’m very concerned about the consumption of meat, and I have cut back on it myself. I try to find a good compromise for myself and encourage others to think about the topic for themselves and to strike the right balance for themselves.