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Johann Lafer auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse

Is there one dish that you could cook every day?

Apart from my beloved Wiener schnitzel, I would say freshly fried porcini mushrooms with scrambled eggs and crispy fried ham.


Is there a dish that you brought back with you from a trip and that you’re still excited about?

I am currently really pushing the idea of healthy fast food and have brought back a recipe for chicken rice from Singapore. It is tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.


How do you think we will eat in 20 years?

The variety of foods we eat must change and become more ecological, because resources are getting scarcer. Accordingly, we need to have a natural shortage again, like I experienced on our self-sufficient farm when I was a child.


How political are cooking and nutrition for you today?

Cooking, nutrition and education should be high on the political agenda from an early age in order to protect nature, resources and our health.