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There is always something new to discover about the world’s largest content fair. Here is where you can find out more about current fair events and contests, as well as read relevant interviews with interesting people.


  • Julius-Campe-Preis


    Frankfurter Buchmesse to receive 2022 Julius Campe Prize

    Frankfurter Buchmesse is the recipient of this year’s Julius Campe Prize, awarded by publisher HOFFMANN UND CAMPE.
    The prize is given to individuals and institutions that have rendered outstanding services in the fields of literary criticism and literary communication. The winner receives 99 bottles of fine wine and a facsimile of Heinrich Heine’s »Französische Zustände« (French Affairs), published by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE.

  • 4150-Kids-Kind mit Büchern


    "We don't even have a word for 'non-disabled'"

    What makes a good children's book today? How are stories for young readers told in a timely manner? And what role do inclusion and diversity play in this? These questions will be discussed at the Frankfurt Kids Conference "Transform diversity: perspectives and networks" at the Frankfurter Buchmesse (19 - 23 October 2022). Here is an interview with its moderator and children's book expert Lawrence Schimel.

  • Dr. Katharina Eleonore Meyer


    "The story is unbelievable, but true."

    From book to screen - and in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival: the "Shoot the Book" event, organised by the French publishers' association SCELF and the Institut Francais - with Frankfurter Buchmesse as event partner - brings the book industry and the film industry together.

  • Stand with Ukraine


    Support for Ukrainian refugees and members of the Ukrainian publishing industry and book trade

    Frankfurter Buchmesse and its partners have initiated several projects to support the Ukrainian authors, publishers, booksellers and further members of the publishing community.

  • Stand with Ukraine


    “Reconciliation dialogue is impossible while our cities are being bombed”: In conversation with Oksana Hmelyovska and Olena Odynoka

    Four weeks ago, Russian troops have invaded Ukraine, violating international law and starting a devastating war that has caused a great number of casualties and has forced more than 3 million Ukrainian citizens to flee, among them many publishers and authors. In the midst of war, publishing professionals in Ukraine are fiercely promoting Ukrainian literature, organizing emergency initiatives and crowd funding campaigns, compiling foreign rights lists in order to help the international publishing industry and readers throughout the world to learn more about the history and contemporary life in Ukraine.

  • Margit Walso, Director NORLA - Norwegian Literature Abroad


    Ukrainian Book Institute admitted to ENLIT

    Margit Walsø, Chair of ENLIT (European Network for Literary Translation) is pleased to announce that the members of ENLIT voted unanimously at a meeting on 18 March to admit the Ukrainian Book Institute to its 30-member strong network of literature in translation promotion agencies from 28 countries. 

  • Jürgen Boos und Beltz & Gelberg-Verlag, Gulliver Verlag


    Juergen Boos in conversation with Marianne Rübelmann, Petra Albers und Franziska Schiebe

    Books with resonance: children’s and young adult publisher Beltz & Gelberg celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, and paperback imprint Gulliver has reached a proud milestone of 35 years. Both belong to the long-established, family-run Beltz publishing group, one of the most important publishers of educational and psychology books in Germany.
    We asked: how do you celebrate an anniversary in the middle of a pandemic? How do you strike a balance between tradition and innovation? And what plans does the 7th generation of publishers have for the future?

  • Stand with Ukraine


    Statement of the Book Fair Directors

    The Conference of International Book Fair Directors strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • News

    Statement of the Frankfurter Buchmesse on Russia's war in Ukraine

    The organisers of the Frankfurter Buchmesse strongly condemn Russia's attack on Ukraine ordered by President Putin.

  • Esther García Llovet


    Books at Berlinale: An interview with Spanish author Esther García Llovet

    On 14 February 2022, the event "Books at Berlinale" will take place as part of the Berlinale Co-Production Market. Ten titles will be presented that are particularly suitable for literary film adaptations. In addition to Frankfurter Buchmesse as a founding partner, this year's Guest of Honour, Spain, is also supporting the "Books at Berlinale" pitch and is itself represented in the selection with a Spanish title. Jane Pilgrem from the publishing house Editorial Anagrama will present Esther García Llovet's novel "Spanish Beauty" to the audience. We spoke with the author about her current novel and about the possible film adaptation. In the interview, Esther García Llovet tells us, among other things, what story inspired her to write this novel.