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Anja Kümmel


Anja Kümmel was born in 1978 in Karlsruhe and lives in Berlin. She studied Gender Studies and Spanish in Los Angeles, Madrid and Hamburg. She works as author and freelance journalist since 2009. Besides numerous publications in literary magazines and anthologies and other contributions in audiobooks she has written five novels “La Danza Mortale” (2004), “Das weiße Korsett” (2007), “Hope’s Obsession” (2008), “Träume Digitaler Schläfer” (2012) und “V oder die Vierte Wand” (2016). She conducted a residency im Alfred-Döblin-Haus, in the Künstlerhaus Lukas and in the Kommandantenhaus Dilsberg, a literature grant of the Art’s Foundation Baden-Württemberg and the Prize for Literary Promotion GEDOK  2010.