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Maite Aragón

Bookseller and Entrepreneur

Bookseller, entrepreneur and businesswoman, with knowledge and experience in bookstore management, cultural management, social economy and training. After almost twelve years of experience as a bookshop manager, the projects of Cáotica, S. Coop. And. and Mercurio, Revista Cultural, are those that best represent her vocation, her way of life, her professional development and her concerns. Cáotica is a model of cultural bookstore carried out from the social economy, including in the same structure different types of partners depending on their involvement with it: workers, consumers, collaborators and investors. This is where its innovation and strength lies. The previous background as founder of La Extra Vagante Libros and Caótica has allowed her to position herself in the sector, has given her the experience and in-depth knowledge of the environment, to draw from them solidity as a bookstore manager; Caótica has become in a short time a cultural space of reference. Her involvement with the magazine has to do with a process of renewing the model, format and contents. After 21 years in the market, Mercurio magazine continues its journey under the management of Ana Tolia Editora, with Javier González Cotta and Maite Aragón as founding partners. Currently the magazine is in a process of refounding and shuffling different cultural areas for its development and positioning.