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Juan Casamayor

Páginas de Espuma

Juan Casamayor (Madrid, 1968) founded in 1999 together with Encarnación Molina Páginas de Espuma, an independent label that has become the reference publisher in the genre of short stories in Spanish. Since 2008 the publishing house has offices in Mexico and Argentina. In 2017 the publishing house was awarded the Premio Mérito Editorial by the International Bookfair in Guadalajara (Mexico) and in 2019 it received the Prize for the best cultural publshing work by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. He teaches at the Master's Degree in Publishing Course at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the Master's Degree in Online Criticism and Cultural Communication, organized by El Cultural and the Universidad de Alcalá, and the Master's Degree in Narrative Writing at the Escuela de Escritores de Madrid.