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Carlos Rodríguez

Ediciones La uÑa RoTa

Carlos Rodríguez is a publisher and dramaturge. He also coordinates theater and literature cycles and festivals. In 1996, he founded Ediciones La uÑa RoTa, which he has co-directed ever since. Based in the city of Segovia, the publishing house produces never before published contemporary texts in the genres of theater, poetry, essay or narrative (letters, diaries, stories) by classical authors such as Samuel Beckett, Georges Perec, Thomas Bernhard or Robert Walser. Anatole Broyard, Graham Greene or Vladimir Nabokov, among others, as well as contemporary authors such as Angélica Liddell, Juan Mayorga, Rodrigo García, Ángela Segovia, Maria Salgado, Kenneth Goldsmith, Pablo Gisbert, Pablo Remón, Dorota Maslowska or Wajdi Mouawad.