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AI Solutions: Trained with Your Content

19 October 2023
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Frankfurt Studio

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The Large Language Models (LLMs) that are fundamental to generative AI solutions, including ChatGPT from OpenAI, rely on machine-readable content available on the web. Whether that material is taken from books, scholarly journals, or other curated publications protected by copyright, permission and licensing may be necessary. Should AI be trained with your content with or without your consent? Court decisions, regulation, and legislation will ultimately create the legal guardrails for protecting copyrighted content from unchecked infringement. In the meantime, debate over any limits to be placed on training LLMs must address concerns over equity, transparency, and authenticity.


  • Christopher Kenneally (CCC, Senior Director, Content Marketing)
  • Carlo Scollo Lavizzari (Lenz Caemmerer, Partner, Head IP Department)
  • Dr. Namrata Singh (Turacoz Group, Founder and Director)
  • Avi Staiman (Academic Language Expert, Founder & CEO)
  • Dr. Hong Zhou (Atypon, Director of Intelligent Services & AI R&D)