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Artistic Freedom: a Basic Right - An International Panel of the Goethe-Institut

20 October 2022
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Frankfurt Pavilion

A comparison of the patterns in three different countries will demonstrate the ways in which national sensitivities within Europe shape discourse within politics and the media.

‘Arts and sciences, research and teaching shall be free’: so declares Article 5, Paragraph 3, of the Federal Republic’s Basic Law. And yet there are frequent bitter debates as to whether there are any limits to artistic freedom, and, if so, what exactly they are. Discriminatory subject matter, gross insults or images detrimental to fundamental values are just some of the red lines that must not be crossed.

Experts from France, Poland and Germany will discuss the ways in which national sensitivities shape public discourse and perspectives within the media. A comparison with other nations offering essentially the same constitutional guarantees will aim to sharpen our awareness of specific historical and social parameters that influence the current debate and judicial decision-making.

Language of the event: German (with simultaneous English translation).