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"Creativity in times of Algorithms"

21 October 2022
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Frankfurt Studio

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What is the importance of human creativity in shaping a better future. How can creative action be consciously developed in times of digital worlds (metaverse) and tools (AI, apps, etc.).


The challenges of our time require one thing above all: our concentrated creativity. But many people and companies do not know how to use this resource in a strategic and planned way. Bernhard Zünkeler has developed the "Atlas of Creativity" and says: "Imagine there are maps in which metropolises of creative thinking and rivers of innovative action are marked. You can orient yourself on them and build your own connections. Whether you're a manager of your own life or a decision-maker who needs the cooperation of many.“ Holger Volland from brand eins publishers talks with the author about his comprehensive overview of the assets, strategies and thought processes of creative people.  A conversation with Bernhard Zünkeler about his Atlas of Creativity - a comprehensive overview of the creative person's dispositions, strategies and thought processes.