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Dr. Florian Huber and his WAS IST WAS volume Lost Treasures

22 October 2022
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Raum Spektrum

Dive into the mysterious worlds of sunken settlements, pirate treasures and shipwrecks with Dr. Florian Huber, our author and TV host of the science and documentary series Terra-X.

Legendary stories are told about sunken treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea, hidden in bogs or flooded caves.

What do the findings tell us about mankind's past? How do the researchers work? And what kind of modern techniques like diving robots and side-scan sonars do they use?

The profession of underwater archaeologist sounds like a dream job. But Dr. Florian Huber also tells in his new WAS IST WAS volume Lost Treasures how much hard work is behind it and that it is not every day that sensational findings from times long past are recovered.

Cover of Versunkene Schätze