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Giulia Caminito - "Das Wasser des Sees ist niemals süß"

20 October 2022
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Buchhandlung Weltenleser, Oeder Weg 40, 60318 Frankfurt

The author in conversation with Anna Vollmer about her current novel.

Caminito tells Gaia's story from her childhood to her early adolescence. Gaia's dysfunctional family, living in poor conditions, is held together by her mother Antonia. She supports her wheelchair-bound husband, who has suffered a work accident, and focuses on Gaia, one of her four children, her intelligence and her school successes. The story, however, is one of unfulfilled promises: Gaia's social advancement fails due to external obstacles but also because she inwardly rejects it and perceives it as another maternal imposition. An event presented by the Italian Cultural Institutes in Berlin and Cologne.