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The great journey of ideas across (language) borders.

23 October 2022
Live now
International Translation Centre (Hall 4.0 G101)

Special challenges of translation in the humanities


  • André Hansen (Translator)
  • Andrea Hemminger (Translator)
  • Philipp Hölzing (Suhrkamp Publishing House, Science editor)

Moderator: Tobias Haberkorn (Translator and literary scholar) 

From Foucault to Bruno Latour and Thomas Piketty, via Elsa Dorlin and Didier Eribon: How do the theories, concepts and ideas of French-speaking authors find their way into the German language and onto the German market?

A discussion with the translators André Hansen (Thomas Piketty, Alain Badiou, Nicolas Mathieu) and Andrea Hemminger (Elsa Dorlin, Michel Foucault, Manon Garcia) and Philipp Hölzing, academic editor at Suhrkamp.

In collaboration with the Institut français