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Lasagna, Memories and the path between Italy and Switzerland

20 October 2022
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Büchergilde, An der Staufenmauer 9, 60311 Frankfurt

Petrarca tells in a unique way the story of her Nonna who migrated to Switzerland in the Fifties.

„Lasagna was the word most used in our family: Lasagna meant love, warmth, being close and most of all Maria”
Maria was Francesca Petrarca’s grandmother, her nonna, to whom she builds a literary and (book) artistic monument with “No Grazie, Non Fumo”. She recounts in memories, chaotic and whole as they are and thus builds a lovely mosaic of a confident, independent migrant worker in the middle of the last century. That evening we will talk with the author and book designer about her exceptional work somewhere between nonfiction and autobiographic fiction, visible in form and layout of the book. And furthermore you get the famous Lasagna recipe to bring warmth to your own kitchen.