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Moritz Hürtgen reads from his debut novel "Der Boulevard des Schreckens"

19 October 2022
Live now
Lindenberg/Lindley; Lindelystraße 17, 60314 Frankfurt

A novel about politics and art, facts and fictions, and the question of what one would do for fame.

Martin Kreutzer wants to get to the top. However, he first has to prove himself as a trainee at a daily newspaper. Lukas Moretti was once his fellow student, but in the meantime he has made his breakthrough with his mix of poetry and electro parties. Martin promises the editor-in-chief that he will definitely bag an interview with Moretti. He didn't really know him at the time, but what's a little lie to kick-start a career? Unfortunately, Moretti still wants nothing to do with Martin. But Martin doesn't want to let this ruin his career. Who needs an interviewer when you can make up an interview? When Moretti is found dead, things take an unforeseen course.