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Protect the Protest

21 October 2023
Live now
Frankfurt Pavilion

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Pollution, climate change and the loss of biodiversity are among the most urgent existential threats to humanity. Movements against the international community's climate policies have therefore organized around the world. Security authorities are increasingly responding to their protests with repression, criminalization and stigmatization. This is also the case in Germany, where, for example, the Bavarian police have taken activists of the Last Generation into preventive custody and proceedings relating to the formation of a criminal organization are pending. How is such state behavior to be classified? How does it relate to the right to freedom of assembly? How can a serious social dialogue on the climate crisis be achieved and what contributions can civil disobedience, strategic lawsuits or human rights organizations make? We will discuss these questions together with representatives of Amnesty International, the Last Generation and Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte e.V..