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Romy Fölck reads from "The Return of the Cranes"

19 October 2022
Live now
Moxy, Hanauer Landstraße 162, 60314 Frankfurt

Grete’s refuge is nature, especially the Elbe marshes where she works as an ornithological warden. She has spent her entire life here: first, she took care of her daughter Anne, then her mother Wilhelmine needed help with the farm. Now, shortly before her fiftieth birthday, she has the chance to break out of the familiar pathways. But when Wilhelmine has a fall, Grete’s plans unravel. Her younger sister Freya arrives from Berlin. Does she really want to help, or is she fleeing from her own life? Anne has also come to be close to her beloved grandmother. But her relationship to her mother Grete is tense – perhaps because to this day, Grete has refused to tell her who her father is. And Wilhelmine is also guarding a secret, and soon has to decide whether she wants to take it to her grave.