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Sonja Kaiblinger reads from " Die Geisterkicker"

23 October 2022
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Struwwelpetermuseum, Hinter den Lämmchen 2-4, 60311 Frankfurt

"So it's really true. The ghost kickers have a soccer spirit!"

They used to be famous - the ghost kickers. Legends have grown up around the stadium, where things are not supposed to be right. When Jan joins the team, he doesn't notice anything about the alleged spooky support; the ghost kickers have been playing terribly for years. But then he discovers a grouchy figure in the stands with a bluish glow. Is this the famous Toni Torwartschreck, the legendary soccer ghost? Well, he doesn't look very sporty and is rather cheeky. But maybe he can help Jan become a star striker and lead the ghost kicker team to success again?

A funny and magical soccer adventure for ages 8 and up - with lots of cool illustrations by DER ANTON.