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SPIEGEL-Talk Live: War, NS regime, climate change - How younger people deal with the legacy of their grandparents

22 October 2022
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Saal Harmonie

SPIEGEL-talk live with Luisa Neubauer, Alexa Hennig von Lange and Shelly Kupferberg about their new books

SPIEGEL-talk live at the book fair: What lives on in us from our grandmothers and great-uncles? What social mandates, what attitudes, what responsibilities arise for younger people from the experiences of their elders and from Germany's fraught history? Germany's best-known climate activist Luisa Neubauer and authors Alexa Hennig von Lange and Shelly Kupferberg explore family members from previous generations and their political and personal legacies in their new books. SPIEGEL author Susanne Beyer talks to the three women about what can be learned from yesterday for today and the future.

The event will be translated live into sign language (DGS). Seats with a clear view of the interpreter are reserved in the front row.