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The Stories of Malay Archipelago

15 October 2021
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The Hof
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The Malay Archipelago is the archipelago between mainland Indochina and Australia. It has also been called the "Malay world," "Nusantara", "East Indies", Indo-Australian Archipelago, Spices Archipelago, and other names over time. This is the original location of a lot of unique and beautiful stories. Malay folklore refers to a series of knowledge, traditions, and taboos that have been passed down through many generations in oral, written, and symbolic forms among the indigenous populations of the Archipelago. They include among others, themes and subject matter related to the indigenous knowledge of the ethnic Malays and related ethnic groups within the region. The stories within this system of lore often incorporate supernatural entities and magical creatures which form parts of the Malay mythology. Others relate to creation myths and place naming legends that are often intertwined with historical figures and events. Ancient rituals for healing and traditional medicine as well as complex philosophies regarding health and disease can also be found.