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Suddenly nominated! When your own translation comes into focus

21 October 2022
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Internationales Zentrum für Übersetzung (Halle 4.0 G101)

Alexandra Rak in conversation with three nominated translators of the German Youth Literature Prize 2022.


  • Claudia Dathe (Translator)
  • Birgitt Kollmann (Translator)
  • Bernadette Ott (Translator)
  • Alexandra Rak (Moderator)

The books were published last year, the translators have long since returned to other projects, and all of a sudden they hear that they have been nominated. Do they feel happy or are they anxious because there are one or two issues in the translation that might not have been solved in the best possible way? What were the challenges? And what are the special features of translating a picture book, a book for young people or a non-fiction book?

Event in cooperation with Weltlesebühne e.V.

The event will be held in German with simultaneous interpretation into English.