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Antonio Martín

© Antonio Martín


He is a philologist in Spanish literature and linguistics and currently works as a teacher, communicator and journalist. He is also the managing director of CÁLAMO&CRAN, a company that provides services to publishers, as well as PublishNews, the Spanish industry magazine and EnClaro, a forum of experts in the book and information sector. He is a member of PALABRAS MAYORES (group of experts on disciplines of Spanish language and written communication), as well as co-founder of UniCo (proofreaders association) and SEA (editors association).
As a passionate and entertaining teacher and language facilitator, he has published several books on language and expression, such as Dilo bien y dilo claro (Larousse, Barcelona, 2017), La mano invisible: confesiones de un corrector iconoclasta (CSIC, Madrid, 2019).