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Carlo Carrenho

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Carlo Carrenho

Publishing Consultant

Carlo Carrenho is a publishing consultant based in Sweden. He is our 2023 and 2024 Audio Ambassador at Frankfurter Buchmesse.

He was the founder of book trade media PublishNews in Brazil and Spain. He recently joined a partner in his home country Brazil to launch Pop Stories, an audiobook company. He is also a partner at the Italian aggregator StreetLib and is actively consulting for audio publisher Dreamscape in the US. Majored in Economics at the University of São Paulo and a Radcliffe Publishing Course graduate, Carlo accumulates 30 years as a book publishing professional.

Along his career, Carlo focused on digital developments in the publishing industry and also on new business models. His focus nowadays is definitively audio. He held executive positions in companies such as Thomas Nelson (Brazil), Ediouro (Brazil) and Word Audio Publishing International (Sweden). He has also consulted for companies in Brazil, Germany, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia and the US. Nowadays he is responsible for International Business Development at Dreamscape Media.

Carlo lives in the idyllic town of Trosa in Sweden with his wife Carla and two kids. He enjoys his summers, however, in Santu Lussurgiu, a charming Sardinian town. He loves movies, books, travelling and just to seat at the piers of his town and contemplate the Baltic Sea.


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