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Portrait of Olexandra Matviychuk

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Olexandra Matviychuk

Human Rights Lawyer
The Center for Civil Liberties

Olexandra Matviychuk is a Ukrainian human rights lawyer and civil society leader based in Kyiv. She heads the non-profit organization The Center for Civil Liberties and is an active campaigner for democratic reforms in her country and the OSCE region. In 2015, Matviichuk became a laurate of the Norwegian 'Lindebrække prize for democracy and human rights'. On 24 February 2016, 16 delegations to the OSCE recognized Matviychuk with their first Democracy Defender Award for 'Exclusive contribution to promoting democracy and human rights'. The U.S. Embassy to Ukraine then recognized Matviichuk as Ukraine's Woman of Courage 2017 for 'her constant and courageous dedication in defending rights of Ukrainian people'. In September 2022 she and her Center for Civil Liberties were among the laureates of the Right Livelihood Award for their work with Ukrainian democratic institutions and pursuing accountability for war crimes.