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Ein schwarz weiß Portrait von Philipp Keel, Verleger bei Diogenes

© Maurice Haas/Diogenes Verlag

Philipp Keel

Artist, author and the publisher
Diogenes Verlag

Philipp Keel is an artist, author and the publisher of Diogenes. He studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Munich, before moving to California and working in various artistic disciplines. His photographs, paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints have since been shown in numerous international exhibitions and are present in leading collections. He became known for his bestselling series All About Me and All About Us (Random House, 1998/2000), for Color (Steidl, 2004) and the series Keel’s Simple Diary (TASCHEN, 2009/2011).

In 2014 his project State of Mind (Nieves, 2014) was shown at Villa Flor in S-chanf and in 2018 at Apalazzo Gallery in Brescia. His photographs were presented in 2013 at Camera Work in Berlin, in 2017 and 2019 with Splash (Steidl, 2015) and Last Summer (Steidl, 2021) at Bildhalle in Zurich. In spring 2023, part of his studio will move to Berlin for an exhibition project. With the drawings and paintings from the ›Jakob and Philipp Keel Collection‹ he initiates museum exhibitions. In addition, he has been accompanying international film and television projects with Diogenes Entertainment as a producer. In 2022 he received the ›Premio Enrico Filippini‹ for his work as a publisher. Philipp Keel lives and works in Zurich.