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For respectful communication

We welcome the exchange of opinions on our social media channels. Our social media rules are intended to ensure respectful interaction on Frankfurter Buchmesse's channels and a dialogue that is based equally on mutual respect. Frankfurter Buchmesse condemns any form of hate speech, racism and any form of discrimination . We reserve the right to delete comments that do not comply with these rules and to block users who violate the rules of communication formulated here.

1. Being friendly and polite 

We are all responsible for treating each other in a friendly manner. We should treat each other with respect. We welcome discussions and exchanges on our channels, please remain friendly and polite at all times.  

2. Remain objective 

Critical opinions - of course also about Frankfurter Buchmesse - are welcome, but should be factual and constructive. Give those criticised the opportunity to respond to criticism; even if this is not done immediately. We reserve the right to remove contributions that do not contribute to a factual discussion.

3. No hate speech or bullying 
Bullying of any kind is not allowed; demeaning comments based on ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.  

4. No advertising or spam 
We welcome active participation on our channels. Self-promotion, spam and off-topic posts and links are prohibited and will be deleted.