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Accessibility in action: three challenges for the publishing industry

19 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurt Studio

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In light of the forthcoming European Accessibility Act, the adoption of the ‘Born accessible’ principle is nowadays in the agenda of all the publishing companies operating in Europe and worldwide. Publishers and all the players in the value chain are working to incorporate accessibility into digital mainstream production and distribution channels, thus providing the same titles to everyone, in the same places and in the same times.


Thanks to the participation of accessibility experts working in the field, the seminar will focus on three key aspects of accessibility:


- Born accessible publications vs conversion of digital publications;


- Image descriptions: how authors and publishers can provide meaningful descriptions for all images;


- How to distribute accessibility metadata in the value chain


Organized by Fondazione LIA in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Federation of European Publishers, in the framework of Aldus UP, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the seminar will be held in the Frankfurt Studio (Hall 40, room Europa).