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portrait of Stacy Scott

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Stacy Scott

Accessibility Manager
Taylor & Francis

As a blind Mathematics graduate, I have both the lived experience and professional vantage point from which to understand the challenges faced by learners with a print-disability and I am forever committed to breaking down barriers and improving the availability of accessible education - and enhancing independent study - for all.

I have been professionally involved in the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) education sector, forming the basis for my career – beginning as a University advisor; and following a trajectory through a diverse and rewarding career.

In prior roles, I worked in Bangladesh, India and across several countries in Africa, on making education more inclusive, which saw my involvement in a vast array of diverse, illuminating and extremely meaningful and challenging projects.

I then headed the RNIB Bookshare Service in the UK; working with over 1,100 publishing partners, to bring their content onto the RNIB Bookshare platform, to be used by students with any print-disability, for free. The platform grew rapidly and currently provides over 760,000 free eBooks in a variety of accessible formats.

Moving closer to accessibility challenges in academia, I have just taken on the role as Accessibility Manager for Taylor & Francis, where I will aim to provide a clearer, more cohesive strategy on accessibility across the company, building on the wonderful, award-winning work T&F has already achieved.

I can often be found in the 'accessibility community' speaking at events or hosting/attending panels. I also chair the Accessibility Action Group for the Publishers Association. A group which brings publishers, vendors, stakeholders and end users together, to break down barriers to accessing any, and all, published materials. Something that still remains my raison d'etre!