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The Book Fair Directors' Round Table: Issues and Outlooks

21 October 2022
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Frankfurt Studio

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International book fair and trade show directors have a unique view of the world publishing industry, with many of the book business' challenges and opportunities directly reflected in the design and focal points of their shows each year. In this discussion – presented in association with the EU funded Project ALDUS UP - european bookfairs`network -- we hear from several leading fairs' executives with sharp insights on the industry and readers their shows serve.
(In some cases, accessibility is a key concern, while at other fairs, rights-trading markets may be central to the shows. Some directions see minority inclusion and diversity of production to be a top focus, while in others the promotion of reading and transnational mobility are priority topics. Common cause and varied approaches are the keys to these experts' accomplished programming.)

In collaboration with Publishing Perspectives in the frame of the EU-funded project Aldus Up, the network of European book fairs.