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We will take place. And you can take part.

Whatever type of participation you choose - be there when Frankfurter Buchmesse opens its doors.

from € 1,398.‒

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System stand

Our bestseller starts at 4 square metres and offers everything from a single source – without any stand builder needed. It’s inexpensive, practical and easily re-sizable.

Systemstand Deluxe

System stand Deluxe

This tailor-made stand makes it easier for you to achieve an individualised look. We plan it with you – according to your specifications and budget.

1040-Systemstand Smart-Stand

System stand Smart

Try our practical fair stand with a multi-media boost – in 4 or 8 square metres. This plug-and-play exhibition module ensures an easy, yet effective fair presentation.

Systemstand Eigenbau

Custom-built stand

Create an individualised exhibition stand using your own stand builder. Just book the space you need, and let your creativity run free.

Systemstand FUN

New: System stand FUN

Our new offer for the presentation of your brand and your products. Stand size and placement are freely selectable.

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Prices and exclusive offers

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All presentation options and prices for 2020

Here you can get a general overview of the many ways to present yourself and your brand at Frankfurter Buchmesse. Due to special security requirements, not all options can be offered in 2020.


Compare our other stand options

  System stand System Stand Deluxe System Stand Smart Custom-built stand System Stand FUN
Size 4 sqm or more 12 sqm or more 4 or 8 sqm 8 sqm or more 8 sqm or more
Characteristics Economic and easy, perfect for small companies and first-time exhibitors A bespoke appearance that reflects your company and brand identity

The plug-and-play exhibition module for a comfortable and effective fair stand

For a big, fully customised presentation that makes you stand out The highly versatile and customisable solution for a convincing and modern stand.
Available equipment/features

- 4 bookshelves per metre of wall

- a bench cabinet per metre of rear wall

- stand nameplate(s)

- flexible and expandable

- everything from a single source, no external stand builder

- high flexibility in stand construction

- wide range of colours for stand design

- large range of furniture available

- modern counter for meetings

- multi-functional wall module

- 40-inch LCD monitor

- LAN Internet connection (6 MBit/s)

- maximum flexibility in stand design

- free choice of position (row, peninsula, corner or island stand)

- Its surface is perfect for large digital print

- Open stand design without a ceiling frame

- Bookable as a row, corner or peninsula stand

Price From € 1,398.- Based on offer From € 3,963.- From € 3,420.- From 5,500,-
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Attention exhibitors!

Take advantage of the many options at Frankfurter Buchmesse to raise awareness for your products and brand.